California Purp (@california_purp) - Winning

3:11 PMThe Hip Hop PR Firm

His name may be California Purp but he reps Burlington, North Carolina. Despite being from a small town, Purp has a big sound with a lot of range. "Winning" is a testament to his ability to make hits and craft bangers with a strong hook and a clear good ear beats. It is noticeable that Purp has been working on his pen game for awhile with a full lyrical display of slick wordplay and polysyllabic rhyme schemes. Formally known as Crime Luciano, Purps persona is mafioso and the detail in his rhymes are too clever and specific to be fabricated. "You still with them nicks (Knicks) like Pat Ewing at the Garden/Zips of the yay for 13, James Harden" Purp raps in his second verse. If you're into quality bars and something to get you feelin' yourself, California Purp "Winning" is the record for you. Check out the single below and look for more coming soon from the North Carolina emcee.

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