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Keno Meechie is wavy on new-age flex anthem "Hotel Party"

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Keno Meechie is in the building as he preps for a night to remember in his "Hotel Party" visual. The Birmingham, Alabama native bounces all over the thrilling production of KidKeva, who utilizes synth keys and throbbing bass tones to properly set up the party vibe. His sound has been compared to that of a young Playboi Carti and "Hotel Party" follows a similar tone to Carti's "Magnolia" tune. No need to trip because Keno has the room booked and ready for the snow bunnies to arrive. Before the party can officially begin though, Meechie has to hit up the local corner store for treats and beverages.

The young rapper pregames in the room by getting super turnt up, as he hops upon the bathroom sink and delivers a truly hyper performance piece. The video incorporates light animations giving it a psychedelic feeling to it. This is a new school, southern fried fiasco at it's finest. Keno Meechie has the perfect stage presence and his feet tapping tracks are just the right thing to jam along to. Check out "Hotel Party" via YouTube. -Barry Quigley


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