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C.Cappo & Loki mask-on for new trap anthem "Bust Down"

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C.Cappo and Loki are both masked up and looking to "Bust Down" anything standing in their ways. Cappo, a native of Pennsylvania, simply put is a monster when it comes to this rap thing. Over a highly intensive instrumental, the deranged duo spazz out for a little over three minutes straight. This isn't the first time we've heard from C.Cappo and Loki. For those unfamiliar, the two also paired together on the Syndrom produced, "Ridiculous". 

Representing the PA area of Reading, Cappo holds back no punches whatsoever as he candidly details robbery exploits and dirty deeds over the chilling, child like piano keys. They take turns explaining how they turn homicides into apparent suicide scenes, something out of a chilling crime thriller with Cappo and Loki playing the main villains. The rising rappers enjoy mobster history and have expensive tastes they are determined to fulfill one day. In the meantime however, Cappo and Loki will remain in Grand Theft Auto 5 mode, terrorizing a city near you. Find C.Cappo online at the following social media sites.

“Bust Down” on Soundcloud


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