NF & J DUB (@nslashf) - Lead The Way

2:46 PMThe Hip Hop PR Firm

Take a introspective trip into the mind of Non-Fiction who gets reflective and at times emotional on his new single "Lead The Way" featuring J Dub. "Lead The Way" recaps the journey from the Virgin Islands to Florida in a very transparent way that is almost effortlessly combined with quality rap mechanics. Between slick word play and polysyllabic rhyme schemes, NF has his lyrical fitness on full display. Combine that with a catchy hook like this one and you have the formula for a hit. There even includes a auto-tune driven bridge that serves as a detour between the two 16 bar versus, there's really something for everyone on here. This single will reportedly be on a collab project with J Dub, look out for that coming soon but for now enjoy "Lead The Way" below.

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