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Kj Da Youngster releases inspired new hustler's anthem “Dedicated”

6:57 PMUSA Blog Network

Are you the kind of person that believes in hustling hard 24/7 to get what you want? Then “Dedicated” is the inspiration you need to know you’re not alone. This song, done by a young artiste who was destined for greatness from a tender age, shows just how you need to be up and out there pressing for what you need.

It’s an essence of easy flowing music which allows you to feel the vibes it pushes as it helps to steer you on the road of success while remaining strongly committed to the tasks at hand. Kj Da Youngster is certainly not “new” to the world of as he was always inclined to those he deemed his role models and of course which proved to be a big motivation for his single, “Dedicated”. Feel free to check it out as you start off your day with his hit for positive hustling!  -Joy Love


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