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Koinda (aka Koindanomics) releases 2nd collaborative Hiphop/RnB mixtape “Koinda Vol. 2”

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After having released their first installment in the “Koinda” series a little over a month ago, the powergroup Koindanomics has returned with “Koinda Vol. 2”. Contrary to their last effort, “Koinda Vol. 2” proffers a total of fifteen tracks with a revised cast of stars. Verily, this project sees the recurrence of the first’s phenomenal artists, such as P5YCHONOMIXXX, BLAKFIST, CG Que, and Brian Nightingale; however, it likewise bolsters new, illuminating talent. JSoul delivers a soulful, boom-bap chop for the album’s intro; Marrani is moving with a Afro-beat tirade, “Olisa”; Esco and Ace Burns light up the party with a terrific, trap banger, “Someone Do It For Me”; and BYNO delivers a cinematic, R&B jam through “Once Bitten Twice Shy”. The album is an amalgam; yet, soul is as present as ever before. “Koinda Vol. 2.” is abundant with well-crafted, mesmerizing music. With so many distinct, emotive flavors pulled in from the world around, it paves an identical path of success to its predecessor: uniting everyone through the objective of economic empowerment. That is the goal of Koindanomics; and with a project as appealing as this, their message is rings even louder across the globe.

“Koinda Vol. 2” 

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