@CHUCKCHILL5 Is The Voice of His City

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Charles Williams is entering the hip hop community on a mission. Bringing his Delaware vibes and serving it with inspiration from Master P, Nas & Jay-Z, the Wilmington rapper is ready to use his platform to change society for the better. About a year ago, Williams discovered his love for making music, from that moment on – he knew where his heart truly was. And so, he built a studio in the basement of his friend’s house and started creating the foundation to his music career right then and there. Charles Williams became Chuck Chill. 

Chuck Chill comesin to the spotlight with a new powerful single titled Black with an even more powerful visual to accommodate the message. The music video captures your attention as soon as it plays, with the beat dropping a couple seconds later, it lures you into the scenario. You can see Chuck Chill is minding his own business when 5-0 pulls up on him to start trouble. His lyrics flow so effortlessly with each scene as he raps about inequality and social injustice. He’s shown battling a crooked cop who’s every intention is to make his life a living hell. With this song alone, he’s making it clear what he stands for by becoming the voice of his city and he promises, he won’t let his generation down. 

Follow him on Twitter at @chuckchill5

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