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DJ WATERZZ new 4-track hiphop masterpiece “SEA the EP”

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Embedded deeply in the history of Hip Hop is the DJ. Further embedded in the history of DJs, are the few, talented disc-jockeys who likewise rocked the mic. From DJ Hollywood, to DJ Paul, and the iconic DJ Quik, there’s a strong lineage of emcee/DJs rooted in this culture. One that a particular, Maryland creative refuses to disappoint. Surfing on our airwaves, with an impressive tidal of DMV trap music, is Baltimore’s own, DJ Waterzz. After years of DJing, the multi-talented musician is making a return to the art he first loved; giving us a storm of bangers and bars with “Sea - EP”. “Sea - EP” is four tracks of turn-up-worthy trap music; energized by a pack of diverse beats, and DJ Waterzz’s own versatile flows. Seamlessly, the rapper dives from the bubbly, CashMoney AP-produced “Popular”, into the devilish “Uh Huh”. He backstrokes briefly through the rapid-fire track, “Jumped Off”, before arriving on the modern-trap shore of “No Numbers”. This package makes for a concise journey into DJ Waterzz’s abilities as a rapper; showcasing not only his incredible ear for beats, but likewise a knack for destroying them. Ultimately, DJ Waterzz has been reunited with his first love, rapping; and by the end of “Sea - EP” you’ll be dying to see where next their relationship goes.

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