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"Dance With A Car In Pattaya" by SlickMick

5:26 PMDamon

A trip to Thailand, back in 2016, turned tragic for SlickMick. He was crossing the street after a lengthy bus ride, when a car suddenly hit the Australian emcee, breaking bones and causing severe brain hemorrhage upon impact. Yet, what did break on this fateful day was SlickMick’s spirit; and although his sustained head damage now prevents him from creating new memories, it does not prevent him from creating memorable music. His recent offering, “Dance With A Car In Pattaya”, is a testament of that; being poignant, adventurous and confessional in every sense of those words. The record is glued together by a jazzy, melancholic piano sample, which is fulfilled by a steady, 90s drum loop. It is almost as if the song provides its own therapy session for the Sydney survivor; seeing as his verses float freely from his lips. Nonchalantly, he tells the story of his accident and its aftermath; with a lyrical narration that makes for a fledgling, hip-hop masterpiece. For it is records like these which are solidified in the history of the culture; and springs underground artist into the warm, rapid waters of the mainstream. Through his stream-of-conscious, confessional, freestyle-esque style, SlickMick has carved a lane all his own. One that is going to pull hundreds of thousands of fans along for the ride.


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