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New Club Banger “Upz ´N´ Downz” by international artist, Baby Brown

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Dance music pumps like blood through the veins of Germany. From modern EDM, to the devilish rumbles of Berlin Techno, the Deutschland has always had a rich relationship with the electronic; and Dormagen’s own, Baby Brown, has zero intentions of betraying that. In fact, the European rapper opts to dive deeper into this four-to-floor essence with his latest club smash, “Upz n Downz”. Surging with danceable bars and thumping EDM essentials, “Upz n Downz” is a flawless display of Baby Brown’s loyalty to the electronic. A phasing, dark synth gives his grittily-delivered verses this beautiful, Berlin-esque energy. Yet, all of that is dispelled well by the chorus, which explodes into this vibrant, light-hearted storm of snare rolls and vocal chops. It is this climax that sets the tone of the entire track, giving it its speaker-rattling, nightclub appeal; and shows just how much Baby Brown’s music belongs on the dancefloor. No doubt, the moment this record is thrown into a mix, the crowd will be going through “Upz n Downz” all night long.

“Upz ´N´ Downz” [Download]


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