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JRS3 releases hiphop/rock influenced single "RUN" [Music + Interview]

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A popping drum loop, seasoned by hihats, lush kicks and a sparkling snap, introduces JRS3’s fresh, new single, “Run”. Eventually, an electronic synth buzzes into the mix, slithering across the percussion with the Fort Wayne rapper’s rhymes in tow. On this record, JRS3 flexes his penchant for metaphors. With his dark, doggish delivery, the Texan is relentless; detailing countless ways by which we should “Run” from his lyrical onslaught. Its sinister, yet experimental; borrowing the attitude of horrorcore for its verses, and energy of heavy rock throughout the chorus. Sharp, riotous guitar chords blaze underneath the hook of this song, making “Run” a cyborg of genres, with JRS3 at its creative helm. Very much so, by the end of the three minute and thirteen second run time, this Southern emcee proves just how comfortably he exists outside the conventions of hip-hop. He is unorthodox and unpredictable; traits that will guarantee him an iconic “Run” in the incredible realm of underground rap.


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