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Tru Def releases inspiring new trap anthem “Fed Up”

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Immediately, at the start of Tru Def’s hit “Fed Up”, you are struck with a banging instrumental. A kick unapologetically stomps into the mix, accompanied by hihats, snares, and an orchestrated vocal sample. In the background there is a trace of a sinister synth, but this is expeditiously snuffed out by the Texan rapper’s rhymes. Without hesitation, Tru Def attacks the track; and after a couple bars, it is cemented that the Dallas spitter is tiers above his competition. You’ll have to look elsewhere for a thoughtless trap record, because this is not one of those. Each line by Tru Def is penned with a glint of conscious rap; focused subtly on black empowerment. “All we do is win, win, win...” he reminds America, humbly flexing his songwriting and ability to build energy through a hook. There is no bass permeating throughout this record. The emcee’s bars are heavy enough. In wielding his struggles, ambition, and dedication to prosperity, Tru Def has crafted an inspiring trap anthem. It’s unignorable, he’s been “Fed Up”.



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