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New-age rapper, Guess drops official bedroom anthem "Monsoon"

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Since the success of Tyga, with his scorching singles “Rack City”, “Faded”, and “Make It Nasty” (of 2011-2012), the hip-hop world has kept an extra set of ears on the strip club. Knowing the impact it will have, the industry is ceaselessly fishing for that next, gargantuan, club-friendly record. From the sound of Guess’s “Monsoon (feat. Payt)”, that search may be coming to an end; with strip clubs across the country crowning a new prince of their sound. For, the Long Beach native’s latest offering is an anthemic venture into the dark space between lust and love. It comes wielding a distinct, Californian bassline; intricate vocal chops, sided by colorful flutes and West-Coast trap drums. Wonderfully, Payt surfs the instrumental gilded in autotune, delivering melodies that perfectly contrasts Guess’s hard-hitting verses. A magic, undeniably, courses through the veins of this record; and it is one that exotic dancers will be hard-pressed to deny. The bounce alone, matched with the duo’s delivery and songwriting, is enough to get any pole wrapped around, and thousands of dollars thrown into the air. Yes, “Monsoon” is a smooth, quintessential, strip-club smash. With a stronger push, it is destined to have every venue lining the West Coast dancing along.



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