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Hiphop purist, J. ASADI tales of redemption on new album “LAZARUS EXPERIMENT” [Music + Interview]

1:25 PMDamon

As much as Hollywood yearns to convince us, through its myriad, mainstream celebrities and entertainment, life is far from utopic. On the contrary, for most of us, it is plagued with darkness, disaster and dire tribulation. No better is this true trio magnified, than on Pennsylvanian rapper, J. Asadi’s, latest project, “Lazarus Experiment”. On this seven-track opus, the New Castle native wears his heart on his sleeve; stitched by haunting, hip-hop production and painful lyricism. Much of the rapper’s subject matter revolves around his personal plights and predicaments. His intro track, “The Invitation” maps his entire life story; one full of abuse, betrayal and suffering. Yet, the magical thing about this artist is his unstoppable willpower. You can see it in the titles of his subsequent tracks (“Never Fall”, “Keep Rollin”, and “Sky Is The Limit”), J. Asadi is not one to fall victim to his struggles. The greater message on this album is, instead of losing yourself to your painful past, use it as fuel for grinding towards a fortunate future. For that’s exactly what this emcee is determined to do. He may have been down and out in the past, but by the slam of trap drums, cataclysmic melody, and strong, lyrical delivery, J. Asadi proves to be Lazarus; resurrected, reborn and renewed, with a commitment to greatness unlike any you’ve heard before. 



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