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Roc Kartel alternative hiphop song "Crazy Moniqua"

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Distorted, yet melodious electric guitar chords, flanked by ad-libs on one side, and cloudy, autotuned chants on the other, usher in Roc Kartel’s twisted love song, “Crazy Moniqua”. In four minutes and forty-five seconds, this Maryland emcee uses every fiber of his lyrical prowess to tell an unusual story. It is one of lust and betrayal; chronicling the escapades of a “Crazy Moniqua” as she travels the world, finessing every feeble man she encounters. In a brash way, Roc is empowering his female listeners with this record; crafting a powerful character they may idolize, over soft, rock-esque kicks and snares. Much of the movement on “Crazy Moniqua” lies within its melody and Roc’s eclectic vocalization. The guitar is insanely transformative; shifting in pitch, frequency, and volume with every new phase of the record. Our PG County talent isn’t too far behind this production, either. His delivery is equally engaging; rolling from calm, smooth bars, into these voluminous, melodic trills within the second verse. The DMV has been blossoming with new, exciting talent, as of late. With his unique “Crazy Moniqua”, Roc Kartel certainly earns his place in the pack.


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