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Brandon Wolf Hill releases deep dark new hiphop song “Blank Clouds”

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Fresh off of the success of his album “Wolf”, alternative rapper/producer, Brandon Wolf Hill releases a deep dark gem titled “Blank Clouds”. The song has embedded a dope mixture of trap hiphop and rock music. Fall into the rhythmic beat that loops for the first 30 seconds of the track. Then, glorious and abrupt, the bass roars in with Brandon Wolf Hill spitting the hardest lyrics of his career. He says, “Slit a wrist, then drink that shit, flip the trick, then I killed that bitch”. Yes, this song is wild!!! Blank Clouds” is the perfect amount of craft and chaos. 

Over the years, the Minnesota hiphop artist has made a name for himself for painting pictures from a different perspective with his unique off-kilter flow. Now, the Unwanted Records recording artist is set to flourish in 2018. Follow Brandon Wolf Hill's growing movement and listen to “Blank Clouds” today!

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