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FERN Profit says "Watch What I Do" on new inspirational banger

10:23 PMUSA Blog Network

FERN stands for For Ever Real Nation. After the success of his musical offering dedicated to the uplifting of his hometown in the wake of the hurricane “Harvey”, now on-the-verge rapper/singer, FERN Profit, releases another powerful single titled “Watch What I Do”. FERN is a man on a mission. “Watch What I Do” simmers with southern soul as he delivers heartfelt bars and harmonizes with inspiring conscious vocals. He is set out to show the world his heart, hunger, and determination with every breath. There is a very defiant undertone of the song that is absolutely refreshing! 

He says, “The reason I do music is, because I just want to inspire people to chase their dreams to be able to become anything they want to be.” He recently shared his unique story with USA Blog Network's TheDopeness series. Checkout the in-depth interview and listen to “Watch What I Do” today on Soundcloud.

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