TJ Marion - Unsigned Hype

4:21 PMThe Hip Hop PR Firm

TJ Marion has his lyrical capabilities on full display with "Unsigned Hype" a record that is hip-hop in it's purist form. "Unsigned Hype" is an installment on TJ's Mental Catharsis Vol 3: Have a Nice Day project. This thing is filled with wordplay and an impeccable display of polysyllabic rhyme patterns that might fly over the casual fans head. TJ's style is for a sophisticated hip-hop pallet that is conditioned for in-your-face bars. The self-proclimed "King of the Central Valley" has been a journey-man across all of California and has been winning rap competitions in the area for years now. TJ never stops working with three mixtapes being released in the last year, expect more work coming from him in 2018.

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