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Jeango, Brazychiko and Slimwavy kill a new trap remix of Young MA hit “Walk”

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Loud smoke, stacks of money, and big guns. Rapper, Jeango drops a noteable remix of Young MA's popular song “Walk (Young MA Remix)”. From the apartment to the parkinglot the GMB gang, gang, gang takes turns spitting the hardest shit you ever heard! Jeango, Brazychiko, Slimwavy all give very high energy performances telling their unique stories over a laidback trap beat. 

This is just another day in the life of a young hustler trying to make it. Smoke up, drink hen, make music, bust a move, and turnup with the squad. Raised in both Jersey and Miami, Jeango is an up and coming Columbian rapper. He delivers a steady stream of conscious gangster music with this remix making it a certified street anthem! Follow Jeango's movement and watch “Walk (Young MA Remix)” on Youtube today!


“Walk (Young MA Remix)” on Youtube

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