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Cazerny Bussey refreshing new R&B love song “REMEMBER”

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When is the last time you've heard a singer who actually made you feel something real? Well, fresh off of the smashing success of his project, “Cazerny Google It Vol. 1”, on-the-rise R&B singer, Cazerny Bussey will have you reminiscing with his new single titled “Remember”. This is grownup music!

Remember” is a powerful ballad that paints a beautiful picture of meeting and falling in love with the woman of his dreams. The content in Cazerny Bussey's songwriting is rich and heartwarming as he describes real life scenarios of a blossoming relationship. Also, listen as he drops an awesome rendition of Michael Jackson's 1991 hit “Remember The Time” on the bridge of the song! “Remember” is a work of art with a focus on quality and sophistication. 

Our culture is screaming out for a R&B artist who articulates common sense and positive values without the cookie cutter approach. He says, “I was born original, I will never die a copy.” Cazerny Bussey is the truth! The single, “Remember” is a standout track from his upcoming May 2018 project “Cazerny Google It Vol. 2”. Follow Cazerny Bussey's growing movement and listen to “Remember” today on Soundcloud.


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