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TubbyBoy releases motivational rap video "Grinding" on Linkuptv

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Fresh off of the towering success of his smash "Do My Ting", now top UK hiphop artist, TubbyBoy, delivers a rich level of conscious content while engaging the senses with intricate rhyme patterns on his new song "Grinding". 

This is a coming of age tale about a young man in the pursuit of happiness. His career has been a long hard road. Tubby shares his past trials & tribulations with hope of a better future. "Grinding" is his triumphant celebration toast! The Sam Walker directed masterpiece takes the song to epic levels as TubbyBoy spills his heart while taking a stroll through an overgrown prairie. The single gives you a taste of the greatness to come from TubbyBoy's upcoming album "Boogie Town". Enjoy. -Carl BFM Jones

Born and raised in South London, Croydon is the multi award winning Rapper ‘Tubby Boy’. Not a stranger to the stage, Tubby has been performing and showcasing his musical talent for a number of years beginning in secondary school and local borough talent shows.

This early introduction to the art of performance has allowed Tubby to flourish into a versatile artist, entertaining crowds of a wide demographic & gender with his creAfter signing to YehBwoy Entertainment, production quickly began on Tubby’s debut EP entitled ‘BOOGIE TOWN’.

Not only a musician, Tubby has also extended his skills into event hosting (UK Unsigned Hype) DJing [OnEdge Fm] and the self-produced ‘HipHop vs The Nation’ which holds social debates discussing issues and areas of interest within in hip hop.

Speaking on his musical persona Tubby Boy says; “My aim is to be an artist that brings back and continues to provide the feel good vibe into hip hop. I have a combination of ‘Oldskool’ with a ‘Newskool’ twist which I believe is a vital part of what’s missing in UK Hip-hop today”.


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