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Sour Rap releases new album “Sour Seventeen”

6:43 PMUSA Blog Network

After a stellar year in hiphop, opening up for Rich The Kid and recording over 100 dope tracks, rapper, Sour Rap, proclaimed 2017 his year by releasing a 13-track bomb titled “Sour Seventeen”. Listen as he spills intricate rhyme patterns of consciousness on new-age gems like “Book”. Or official trap anthems like “Gold Teeth” where he mocks some people who spend money on all these expensive things, flexin' for no reason. Sour says, “You'll know I made it when I have gold teeth with the rocks in the fangs and all these chains”. 

Sour has been writing songs since 4th grade and has nothing but raw talent and determination. His lyrical ability and shocking delivery has been known to draw comparisons to a young Marshall Mathers. Now that he is on the verge of greatness, he will use his versatility to merge genres and show more of the true Sour. He recently shared his unique story with USA Blog Network's TheDopeness series. Checkout the in-depth interview and listen to "Sour Seventeen” today on Spotify.

“Sour Seventeen” on Spotify

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