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New socially charged conscious song titled “Ain’t Yo Nigga”

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J-Carter is a veteran hiphop artist who is known for his powerful lyrical content and this time he sets his aim at abolishing the “N” word. You can definitely hear the Golden era hiphop influence in his new socially conscious banger, "Ain't Yo Nigga" from his debut album “Time To Shine”. 

The New Jersey rapper presents his stance and feelings on us calling each other 'niggas'. After 400 years, this is still a topic of much controversy even in 2018 and J-Carter demands his respect by saying, “I ain't yo nigga”. Listen as J-Carter drops jewels while making some extremely valid points on why we shouldn't use that “N” word, while also delivering a catchy hook and hard-hitting production to vibe to. 

Fall into the new album, “Time To Shine” as it gives you that slick East Coast flavor that brings you back to when substance and lyrics were everything. Checkout the single "Ain't Yo Nigga" track #13 on J-Carter's official website today.

Listen to “Ain't Yo Nigga”

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