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Swagg Smiff new-age crew love anthem “For My Bro's”

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Swagg Smiff brings you the biggest crew-love anthem since YG's 2014 mega-hit, “My Hitta”. Excitement is consistently building for the North Carolina rapper, Swagg Smiff aka Sleek Williams, as he drops his new wave banger titled “For My Bro's”. 

Let his voice bring you closer as he smoothly autotunes, “Off we go. Hit the coast. Shit lets ride. We get ghost.” Swagg Smiff is extra wavy as he lures you into his hypnotic zone with a groovy hook, then unleashes his versatile lyrical side by switching up his flow to describe how they roll on the daily. Come and t'up with the bro's. Loud smoke, good drugs and other dude's chicks everywhere... Sleek is down for his team! 

Enjoy as he delivers a melo vibe over an audio garden orchestrated by talented beatmaker, MaseratiGoKrazy. “For My Bro's” is a standout track from Swagg's upcoming album “Sleek”. Follow Swagg Smiff's growing movement and listen to his new song, “For My Bro's” today on Soundcloud.


[DOWNLOAD] “For My Bro's” on iTunes

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