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ATL HIPHOP>> Gospel rapper, King Solomon searches for God on inspiring new album “Illuminate The Dark”

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Meet on-the-verge gospel artist, King Solomon. His new project, “Illuminate the Dark” is far more than an album... Its a sprititual experience! Never before has there been such an epic artistic body of work that merges so many musical genres, all to the glory of God. 

On “Illuminate the Dark” King Solomon laces his verses with the type of knowledge, substance, and honesty that is direly needed in today's music. At 1st listen it sounds like a pure gospel record, but every track offers something new: well produced conscious hiphop, pop, raggae, and soul music. 

Listen as King Solomon takes you on an extremely personal 13-track journey as the light of our father illuminates Solomon's path, guiding him back home where he belongs. He says, “We all fall down, we all fall short, but the measure of a man isn't in how many hits he can take or in his ability to hit back. its in his ability to realize that he is no longer alone. For even in our darkest hour the Lord remains.” Follow King Solomon and listen to “Illuminate the Dark” today!


“Illuminate The Darkness” on Spotify


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