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3Mind Blight releases powerful hiphop anthem “Make This Right”

17 JanuaryUSA Blog Network

“So many times I would try to make this right, make this right!” This may be just the banger to put Oklahoma on the map. A harsh, Tulsa aggression is embedded in both the production and delivery of “Make This Right”; with the city’s own, 3mind Blight, at its devilish helm. Ominous strings, carried by dark brass progressions and gliding 808s create the backbone of this record. Proceeded by the drums, “Make This Right” summons a trap bounce of its own, fit for bumping throughout the Tusla streets. With a beat like this, 3Mind Blight could never resist slaughtering it. He hops onto it in a fever of distorted, menacing voices; switching his flow and dark delivery with every verse he lays. 3Mind Blight’s potential as a lyricist and emcee altogether is unquestionably proven on “Make This Right”. Not only has he elevated his prospect as an artist; but he has likewise given his home of Tusla, Oklahoma a banger to embrace.

"Make This Right"


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