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Tragedy strikes with Trevor Haze's new 15 track album “Tragic$tory”

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He has been building hype with an array of singles for months. Now, Portland, Oregon’s Trevor Haze is ready for mainstream spotlight; displayed by dropping his anticipated, radioactive debut “Tragic$tory” to thousands of plays. Numbers have immediately ran up on this awaited, 15 track LP; especially on joints such as “Been Thru This Before”, “Lately”, “Fell In Love Again”, and “Sometimes”. Why? Simple: their creator wields a command over melody and exceptional ear for beats that so few of his contemporaries can parallel. Even the album intro, “Let You Go” (featuring Sinogabriel), is a extraterrestrial wave of sonic ecstasy. It, as many others on this project, oozes this reverberated, shoegaze aesthetic, and Trevor Haze pairs such flawlessly. Between singing and rapping over these celestial beats, Trevor Haze slowly crafts his own soundscape; to which your ears will be helplessly magnetized. He says, “The lyrics of each song portrays the story of love and heartbreak”. There are so many more layers to Tragic$tory’s musicality than a simple, trap rap album; and that is a testament to the West Coast rapper’s potential as a creative. It is well worth a listen; and this year, Trevor Haze will be well worth every one of our’s eyes and ears.

“Tragic$tory” on Soundcloud


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