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Lane Brodie new-age hiphop album "Pop Slang"

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Whew, what a dope project! Listen as on-the-verge Maryland artist, Lane Brodie harmonizes and raps his heart out on new wave album "Pop Slang". Whether out the window of the whip, at the gym, or bouncing on a rooftop party, the vibes that these trap anthems embed within the listener are real! "Pop Slang" is a soulful canvas that features a lyrical dynamo -who splashes his conscious newage brush strokes at spitfire speed- then right back to a smooth melodies. Read more of the riveting press release below and join Brodie's growing movement today.

Tykoon’s newest talent teams up with Alex Micheal and producer BJR to create masterpiece project Pop Slang. In the project the DMV native maneuvers his flow on the beat through different styles of flow. Influenced sounds from his favorite artist are noticeable in the project but Brodie manages to add his spice to the pit to make it a totally different soup! In the project he switches tempos and sounds to get his message through to his audience as well as create something timeless and undeniable for generations to come.

"Pop Slang"


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