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ItsthePACE shows and proves with upcoming rap project “Perceptions”

13 JanuaryUSA Blog Network

When ItsthePACE revs up his flow, nothing can stand in his way. Like a bulldozer, the Canadian rapper will plow through any and every beat given to him; and his upcoming opus, “Perceptions” is all the proof you will ever need. 

Chock full of catchy, modern-trap production, “Perceptions” is a grandiose display of ItsthePace promise and potential as a rapper. He runs through a collection of beats with a signature, Toronto trap delivery that is nothing shy of exhilarating. Certainly, this 6ix emcee can push his bars to rapid-fire delivery; and paired with the anthemic, enthralling instrumentals he gorges, the protege of Drake’s Toronto helplessly shines through. Stardom definitely resides within ItsthePACE’s tenacity and artistry. Without a doubt, he confirms on tracks such as “Talk About”, “Rapper”, “That Paper” and “Stack Em Up”, that he has what it takes to dominate clubs and radios across the globe. It simply takes the right crowd for this energetic bevy of bangers to hit, and “Perceptions” will have the fire-spitting ItsthePACE trending through Canada and beyond.

[Available February 8th]

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