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DJ Free Leonard new song “Let’s Get It In” ft. Young Dirty Bastard

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Once play is pressed, an electronic buzz, flavored by various, other EDM-esque synths, will slither calmly into the mix. Sixteen seconds in, it will have bubbled to a climax, before dropping into a groove of Golden Age drums. That is when, Oakland, CA rapper, DJ Free Leonard attacks the mic; and “Let’s Get It In” officially takes off. There are zero distractions on this four-minute opus. No exuberant autotuned melodies; no mumbled, street fables; no unnecessary shrieks or shouts. There is only DJ Free Leonard, and a bottomless pit of bars. The West Coast rapper, seasoned by the Young Dirty Bastard (Wu Tang) feature that blesses his hook, is at his utmost philosophical on this record. He dissects various aspects in his life, especially questioning the importance of certain decisions he has made. Most of all, he champions living; devoting whole verses to bestowing wisdom he’s gained through the lessons he has learned. “Let’s Get It In” is a very insightful listen. It is the mark of a man who has come out of the better end of tribulation; and is now ready to devote every waking breath to this music he loves so much.

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