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Dive into emotional Soul Trap/Hiphop song “Lost (Tribute)” by 4Cah

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Ghostly. No better a word can describe the melancholic beginning of 4cah’s new record, “Lost”. Upon realizing the inspiration for this song; the reality of that word’s significance towards this track makes it ten-times more faultless. From the slow tap of the rimshot, to the heartbreaking crawl of grand pianos underneath a bone-chilling, soprano chorus; everything is devoted to honoring 4cah’s cousin, Eric, who recently passed away. Certainly, his spirit is coursing through the instrumentation of “Lost”; and when our DMV emcee arrives on the track, that same spirit dynamically possesses him. The rapper begins to detail exactly how recent losses have traumatized him, alongside telling personal stories of his cousin’s afflictions. Every bar comes infused with a passion and emotion that only shared experiences from us, his listeners, can truly unpack. If ever you have been struck by the death of a loved one, “Lost” will wrench those sentiments to the surface. Tears will pool your eyes, flowing as freely as the melody, rap, sung vocals on the record; and you will be irresistibly enthralled by its visceral power. Previous releases showed us that this Maryland rapper is talented; however, “Lost”, is an evolution for 4cah. It puts him on a very small list of artists who can paint perfect pictures of pains we face, day in and day out. That makes 4cah a treasure in the current landscape of Hip-Hop. One that Eric would be inexplicably proud of.

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