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DMNS releases potent soul trap single “Sacrifices”

19 JanuaryUSA Blog Network

Slow and solemn, a haze of ambiance glides floats along your peripherals. Before this chill completely engulfs you, a warm 808 splits it in half, and the tap of a rimshot pushes gentle, West Coast crooning into the mix. It is rising, Los Angeles R&B talent, DMNS; wrapped in autotune, formally welcoming you to his latest single, “Sacrifices”. And it is an ethereal welcome, to say the least. The rattle of subtle hi-hats and bounce of R&B drums will guide you through the melodic mist of the record; whilst DMNS’s flavorful, reverberating harmonies tug at the very threads of your heart and soul. “For you I make sacrifices...” he sings, backed by arctic ad-libs and vocal alternates; whose presence create this unique duality for the song. Yes, our singer’s delivery and intentions are warm, however, the reality that surrounds him is callus, cruel and cold. For his warmth to be felt; for DMNS’s love to truly be cherished, he must make “Sacrifices”. That realization is what brings us this chilling, alternative R&B record; and this chilling, alternative R&B record will be the reason DMNS is eventually on everyone’s radar.

“Sacrifices” on Spotify


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