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Sphinx drops powerful new rap song “The Journey”

4:15 PMUSA Blog Network

“Even though we lost alot, look at how much we gained...” Over a blurry vocal-sample, sinister synth, and pounding 808, these bars from Sphinx will hit like a freight train. “It was part of the journey, not once did we complain...” Powered by the pitter-patter of modern-trap percussion, Sphinx pours every ounce of his Brooklyn soul onto his latest offering, “The Journey”. For three-minutes and twenty-two seconds, it is just the East Coast emcee, this spiritual instrumental, and the microphone. With that time, Sphinx welcomes us into the whirlwind that is his life. However, instead of being swept away by his struggles; alongside every bar spit, our New York rapper assures us that his ambition is stronger than ever. The significance of those aforementioned two lines grows as “The Journey” progresses. Sphinx’s resolve to achieve his goals of success and acknowledgement swell as every second grooves by. Before long, it has grown into an inspirational banger; and “The Journey” becomes the key for this upcoming artist to unlock his every dream. Help him along with a play.

“The Journey” on Soundcloud


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