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Rob Shiner drops melodic newage single “Feels Good”

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“Feels good... Getting high...” the euphoria wafting from Rob Shiner’s melodic, auto-tuned vocals on his latest cut “Feels Good” is tantamount to the drugs he embellishes. The buzz of a spacey, ethereal electric guitar creates a jarring world of dreams; of which, our Midwest musician floats freely throughout. He cuts no corners with this ode to his lifestyle of hedonism and addiction; being as precise with his lyrics as the snappy snares and rolls of hi-hats he raps along. All of it culminates into an otherworldly banger. As the first single from his upcoming album, “Feels Good” is a captivating showing from the Ak19 Entertainment signee. From its mesmerizing melody, all the way down to its hypnotic percussion and subject matter, this record is fated to elevate parties across the nation. It is simply one mix away from being a radio-rocking, club-popping hit.

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