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Christiano Can debut hiphop album "F . A . N . S" is here!

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Christiano Can

"F . A . N . S"

Silky, soulful and smooth. Those three words will be the first and only rebounding through your mind, once play is clicked on Christiano Can’s “F.A.N.S” extended-play. As the rapper’s debut project, “F.A.N.S” seeks to make a grandiose introduction; and it delivers that statement in more eclectic ways than one. First and foremost, the soulful, sophisticated textures of this music make it a awe-striking, pleasant listen from the jump. Golden horns, colorful chords, and a luscious female vocal form a dreamscape out of the intro-track “D.A.F.H.A.H”. Style changes as the tape progresses; with a variety of sounds, rhythms and grooves, erupting from the depths of the mix. Raw, quirky Hip-Hop is at the root of “Oddly Awkward” (Neo-Soul gushing throughout its remix), and pure, undulating Funk bubbling about the final track, “I’m Only Crazy”. Alongside this evidence of Christiano Can’s uniqueness as an artist, there is the overwhelming proof of his competence as a rapper. As the EP surges on, Christiano draws from myriad flows. On the track, “Oddly Awkward”, something Eminem-esque is transpiring; with our genre-rapper having the lyrics to do it justice, as well. He is nonchalant on the remix, smooth on the intro-track, and energetic on the out. As sporadic as “F.A.N.S” is as a body of work, it is immensely impressive and certainly satisfying. All over it is the mark of true musical artistry; and we can do nothing but look forward to Christiano Can’s drops on the 5th of every month this year. Fingers crossed, they’ll be as jaw-dropping as this.

“F . A . N . S”


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