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Amazin is straight fire on new album "Son of Smooth"

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Amazin’s new album "Son of Smooth" is straight fire! This cat is born and raised in South Central Los Angeles so you know wassup. Nods of approval for Amazin, courtesy of some catchy verses and hoppy beats. 

The album consists of 15 tracks, all which hit the 3 minute mark. F.O.Y.N (feat. Gizzle) is where Amazin’s secret weapon shines the most. He swerves between social commentary and rough talk, only to conclude with some inspirational vibe. The intensity of the raging battle that going on in this artist’s heart as he exceedingly tries to offer more than inane bars and trite punch lines. The other highlight in this album is the eerie Know the Rules (feat. King & Blast) where Amazin touches on his unique odyssey as he channels disdain to his haters. King comes through with a rich tapestry with which they deliver an incredible depth of texture. Forget about the few times that he tosses retrograde insults at his haters, this album is something that TIU MUZIC put into work to create. Every element of the album blends naturally yet it retains a raw and adventurous vibe. Amazin has also unleashed the “My Way” video which has profound internal rhyme patterns. Be sure to connect with Amazin and get the new album “Son of Smooth” which is also available in all platforms.

“Son of Smooth” [DOWNLOAD]


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