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Mike Crump releases visuals of entertaining tainted love song "Crazy Chicks"

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Mike Crump delivers long-awaited visuals to his fan favorite song "Crazy Chicks".
The Philadelphia artist is extra animated as he juggles 3 crazy girlfriends on an amazing IllyRock directed video.

Mike Crump uses all of his his creativity to re-live some of the most twisted relationships that he's gotten himself into. This is what happens when love goes wrong. He talks about her busting the windows out of his whip, lying about being pregnant, and even burning down the crib. 
The best part about the song is that it sounds like this bipolar behavior is what turns him on about her! Sarcasm, dark humor, originality is what makes “Crazy Chicks” an instant hit. This is the 3rd single off his latest project titled “Master of Ceremonies”. Listen to “Crazy Chicks” on Soundcloud today! 

"Master of Ceremonies" [DOWNLOAD] 

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