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MIIKØ & Adonis Butler release extremely powerful visuals to say 'take me "As I am"

6:39 PMUSA Blog Network

A song which portrays and lives the desire everyone wants, “being accepted for who they are”. The song/music video, “As I Am” is a true replica of a duo of passionate singers/songwriter, instrumentalist and music engineer who is working hard “in their own true self” and is accepting nothing less than being seen for who they are. Taking that bold step into the “unknown” as shown in the video, shows strength, courage and the persistence to achieving your goals. 

The team (upon merging through musical collaboration) with Adonis being among the newest rap artist on the scene has pledged to offer nothing less than greatness in their songs. For persons who have being struggling to change who they are to get accepted, needs to listen in as this video will definitely change their outlook on life to a more positive feeling and accepting of greater self worth. This music video is a strong focusing point on realizing who you are and how much you will push to achieve greater things.


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