Banknote Mitch (@BanknoteMitch) - #WhoHot

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Charlotte, North Carolina emcee Banknote Mitch has been floating around the industry since around 2009 and it is clear that he has found his voice and established his sound. #WhoHot is an introspective journey into the mind of a 32-year-old hip-hop veteran and a man who has experienced the ups and downs in his personal life. From overcoming obstacles of doing time for attempted murder to signing a record deal with G-Unit's Bang'em Smurf. The trials and tribulations of Banknote Mitch are on full display with #WhoHot a project that doesn't simply glorify his gang-related narrative, but tells both sides of the story to provide an honest perspective on his experience. Mitch isn't sugar coating anything here and his scathing approach to the microphone is very in-your-face and elaborate, a style that is a testament to his confidence and self-awareness. Check out #WhoHot below exclusively on

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