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Tha Saint releases westcoast influenced groove "Don't Stop The Funk" for the family picnic

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A bouncy beat to an amazing song. Tha Saint (Donnie Jackson) is an artist hailing from Florence Alabama who desires to hit up a large population of the world through his rap music. From a tender age, Tha Saint has shown his love and passion for music as he was always writing and singing his expressions of feeling and what he encounters on a daily basis around him. He is always pushing for greatness and endeavored to learn as much as he could about the rap/music industry. 

In his music video “Don’t stop the funk”, it shows a journey to where you “trust”, home, with friends and family having a wonderful time. It shows the value of connections with those around you and having that sense of belonging. It portrays to others never to forget your style and culture and what you believe in. What makes you happy around those you love is what is important and to keep the bond as strong as ever.


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