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ATL HIPHOP>> 15 yr old phenom, Brooklyn's new song "Brooklyn Brooklyn"

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Brooklyn’s new song "Brooklyn Brooklyn" is a soulful mixture of un-apologetically honest lyrics and a poignant voice. This 15-year-old artist from Atlanta goes through the ins and outs of love in a way that fully connects with the listeners. 

The well-written, raw, and emotive piece contains a pop-meets-hiphop vibe from a teenager who has the originality and flares to distinguish herself from all the rest. You need to listen to Brooklyn, the teenage angst that’s gone to work to explore the ethereal intersection of hiphop and R&B produces lyrical bangers that will keep you engaged. The song also depicts the artist as someone who knows of the hurts and struggles that come with love. The track is self-assured and steady from a cheeky artist whose rich-content exemplifies her talents! Enjoy the new song “Brooklyn Brooklyn” and follow her today.

“Brooklyn Brooklyn” [DOWNLOAD] 


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