Gran Larson (@BigHomieLarson) - Winnin

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Gran Larson is all about his squad on his new single "Winnin" which debuted via his Soundcloud on March 9th. Coming out of Dallas, Texas Larson is looking to put his city on the map. Up to this point Dallas has been an under-represented region of the country for hip-hop and has yet to have found its sound or identity, but Larson could be the catalyst. With a modernized bounce to go along with a strong delivery and tight cadence, Larson seems to have his approach to the microphone down to a science. It should be no surprise that Larson has been releasing music since 2012 when you hear "Winnin" it is easy to identify that he has a trained ear for beats and knows what fits in the pocket of his flow. Larson lists Biggie, Scarface, and Outkast as his influences and the combination makes complete sense when listening to him rap. Check out "Winnin" below and look out for more from Gran Larson coming soon

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