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Sway' Selvaggio new-age trap song "Beach Blues"

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Love… it can be a powerful thing and if mutual, who knows the level of greatness that can be achieved. Sway Selvaggio’s Beach Blues detail the expression of an individual, whom he loves, respects and admires. It basically shows the level of emotional feeling towards each other and through his expression; he desires to know what the person feels about him. 

Selvaggio is an artist born and raised in Philadelphia and has always has a passion for music. His interest in music ranging between Electro Hop, R&B and Trap has started from a very tender age and has matured over time. He has garnered the likes of music talents such as Drake, The weeknd and so many other big acts which are definitely a strong direction to head towards. Listening to the song has a strong effect on how you feel towards someone and the importance of telling them how you feel. It has an interesting beat and rhythm and a great flow.

“Beach Blues” on Soundcloud


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