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Jizzel Tha Gee drops new inspirational hood banger "Just Win"

8:32 PMUSA Blog Network

Jizzel Tha Gee dropped another video, “Just Win”, in his attempt to foster an ineradicable legacy. ‘Only thing I’ve got in my mind is just win,’ he rips seriously on the intro. The beat sounds dope and the hook is something else! The track has a heavy thug motivation giving you that West Coast bounce. 

In the beginning he sounds as if he is trying to sing but he later goes all the way in. Jizzel underscores his intent to use music to bring forth vision and understanding with a winning mentality. You will fall in love with the overall inspirational vibe Jizzel pulls off on “Just Win”. The street talk on this track is just scripture-worthy as Jizzel evangelizes about vision and understanding. “Just Win” is just all-round in that most audiences can relate with the message, just win... that’s a profound message.

This serves as a standout single from his album “Jam City”, you definitely want to download. Also, Jizzel Tha Gee recently gave an audio bio to USA Blog Network. Listen to the interview and checkout the new video “Just Win” today! 


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