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Tut Moses & Bias release a new-age trap anthem "Justified"

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Tut Moses is back at it with some new-age trap, and his latest hit single - Justified- is the epitome of such Hip Hop. Tut jumps out on the Bias produced beat with an intense, staccato cadence that is impressive to both naysayers and fans. His high-register delivery over Bias' canvas, reminds me of the minimalist production style we’ve seen with Drake’s resident engineer. The chorus has enough buoyancy to inspire a dab session with the crew and also the perfect amount of smoothness to garner heavy rotation on a Cali joy ride. 

The artist has shown some rapid progress with his soul-grabbing ability to infuse the traditional lyrical flair on the vibrant track. It is very easy to resonate with this artist as he touches on everyday stuff that we can all relate to, while yet remaining sharp on the mic. Tut has done an amazing job as he searches for ways to engage emotions with his vocal tone on the beats. Tut’s music is compelling as he easily positions himself at the forefront of the next wave.

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