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Sonny Lansky releases certified trap anthem "In The Trap"

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Sonny Lansky steps into the game, introducing himself to the world with his new single “In the Trap.” “In the Trap” is an up close look of the events and trials of the life of a trapper. 

The speaker-quaking anthem, not only provides an infectious head nodding baseline but, also hands out the lyrical jewels for fans to enjoy. Lanksy’s effortless lyrical ability is displayed throughout the song with slick double entendres such as “Smell whats cookin’?, that’s the rock.” Lansky then follows up with witty metaphors where he says “I ran base like the Brewers.” Sonny Lansky packs a style reminiscent of Fabolous where he can get on a trap beat, speak the language of the streets, and still manage to whip in the skill elements that hip hop purists check for. “In the Trap” has the sound to take the streets by storm and I expect nothing but even bigger bangers from Sonny Lansky going forward.

Stay tuned for "Backwoods and Codeine 2" Hosted by DJ Big Mike The Ruler & DJ Head Debiase coming soon!!!


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