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ATL HIPHOP>> Blessed Savage new-age smoker's anthem "Frequently"

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Flowing like the myriad Georgia rivers, is 16-year old rapper, Blessed.Savage; and his recent release, “Frequently”, is soaked in undeniable swagger. It is two-and-a-half minutes of Zaytoven-esque production (completed by milky, gospel organs and vocal chants), layered underneath the raps of a kid fully coming into his own. Because, the track is not reflective of this artist’s age. On the contrary, it is a testament that if he’s dripping over beats like this now, he’ll be making tidal waves in adulthood. His delivery and flow, over this smooth series of snares, claps and 808s, is inexhaustible. He never seems to tire; in fact, he only gains more vigor as his verses lunge onward. By the second verse, our Riverdale representative was whirling with melodic inflection; spitting throughout the song about the impact that rapping has had on his recent years. If Blessed.Savage can push through the hatred, and continue dropping joints just like this, he’ll be “Frequently” seeing dollar signs.

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