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ATL HIPHOP>> Boss Mayne Trill x Juney new-age trap album “Eastside Story”

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“Even God fears me...” ring loud and clear within the intro of Decatur duo, Boss Mayne Trill & Juney’s, summer offering, “Eastside Story”. The EP comes packed with six melodic, modern-trap bangers, in perfect allusion to their homeland of Zone 6. Comparing them to Outkast, the legendary ATLien duo before them, is made quite effortless on this album; highlighted by the specific specialties and roles each artist seems to bring to the table. By the sound of it, Boss Mayne Trill fashions most of the project’s hooks, displaying a superior control over autotune and melody (this talent exploding on tracks such as “Aaliyah”, “No Guidance”, “Nah Fr”, and “Outside”). “Outside” and “Aaliyah” happen to be two personal favorites; the former for its contagious, rhythmic cadence throughout the hook and the latter for its R&B-esque qualities. Although, both artists bring phenomenal bars and stories tobthe table, you know when Juney hits the mic, he’s there to rap. He spits with an ATLien aggression, tearing through every record with rawness and reality. The only effort exempt from this unaltered quality, is fourth track “Mlk”. Here, Juney proves he is just as formidable with melody as he is without, delivering a victorious, trap ballad. “Eastside Story” is the coronation of a talented, tag-team of rappers destined to be the next dynamic duo of Georgia. No matter how long the list of Zone 6 legends may be, Boss Mayne Trill & Juney will assuredly live up to them.

“Eastside Story” 


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