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L' ové releases fresh new-age banger “Live Like”

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Carried by a bubbly, rapturous melody and gentle sequence of 808s and claps, Missouri artist, L’ové, details every aspect of the life she dreams to have on her summer single, “Live Like”. In contrast to her light percussion and colorful melody, there is a rapid-fire hihat roll dashing throughout the mix, embodying her intense determination to achieve every goal aforementioned. “I’m trying to live like, life is a good life / life is a good wife—“ she raps through a glaze of ambitious autotune, backed by excited adlibs and heavenly background harmonies. Zero worries; financial security; and good trees to blow on, are just a few goals she mentions on this slow-burning banger. L’ové raps with the melodious, watery flow and candid depth of a wishing-well; and if this “Live Like” single is her quarter, those wishes aren’t far from being granted. For, throughout this opus she demonstrates an excellent talent for song structure. Her choruses blend perfectly into her verses, and her verses flow flawlessly into each and every bridge.

 Although, this joint is ideal for those hyped car rides to your desired party or venue, there is a recurring “Turning your vision to facts” line she spits, in a brilliant display of modern-trap songwriting, that would spread like a wildfire once you get there. “Live Like” is one of those rare, hybrid cuts that is just as easily fit for a massive occasion as it is for a lone session. No matter where you are, or who you’re in the company of, press play and watch the world fall in love with L’ové.

“Live Like”


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