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BRVDFXRD new-age hiphop single “SWURVE” [Music + Interview]

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A horror movie-esque piano, complimented by an undulating, sub-bass and pad, opens Michigan artist, BRVDFXRD’s, latest offering, “Swurve”. Just as a distorted 808 makes impact, the Detroit emcee launches into a tirade of bars. “Six feet tall, who?” he questions, surfing a smooth, poised flow across waves of hihats and claps. Adlibs lunge up from the depths of the track, adding newfound, crowd-ready energy to the entire record. Albeit, this Midwest spitter’s release makes the most titanic impression in your car, rocking its speakers; it will go equally as crazy during a packed event. Because BRVDFXRD harbors an amazing command of energy. As subtle as he comes across, tossing bars to and fro along this malevolent, trap production, he still manages to create a raging, contagious banger. Detroit has been blazing hot this summer; and “Swurve” kicks the temperature up even further.


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